Unanticipated Days

The sweet smell of lavender totally engulfed me as I started the slow process of de-budding all of our dried lavender stems on the living room floor. Ollie chattered to Mommom on the phone in the background and Declan spun on his bottom on a small stool just feet away. Mid-spin I watched as Declan lost his balance and fell into the floor. Not thinking much of it, since the stool was only a foot from the ground, I kept working on the lavender. Not two seconds later, his blood curdling scream could be heard throughout the house. Looking on in complete shock, he raised his very unnaturally bent arm up as the tears poured down his sweet cheeks. He hurried his way over and my mom brain panicked. Screaming for Ethan, who was working in his office, I tried consoling my sweet baby.

Ethan wrapped him up in his arms as I scrambled to collect shoes, my purse and to encourage Ollie to get in the car as fast a possible. In the car, I crouched between their seats, one hand holding his little arm and the other wrapped around his head, blocking his view of his arm. As I crouched, the blood leaving my feet and ankles, I tried distracting D with chatting about anything and everything. At some point he asked for his favorite song, Jingle Bell Rock. Trying my best, we made it to “what a bright time” before my voice dropped to a whisper and the tears filled my eyes. Declan, sweet Declan, seeing my distress lifted his left hand and placed it on my cheek, saying “that’s enough, Momma”. Break my heart!

Once we arrived at the hospital, things went smoothly. Instead of starting with oral medication, they started an IV straight away to give him morphine. They came in to take x-rays and anticipating it hurting, they had a hard time positing his arm since he kept tensing his muscles. Eventually, they were able to put him to sleep and put his arm back in place without having to take him to surgery. That whole process took about 15 minutes to get him to sleep, reposition and splint his arm.

As of this morning, he has had two nights in his splint and has done amazing. Yesterday, it didn’t even seem like he broke his arm. His energy level has remained the same, his pain has been minimal and we couldn’t be more grateful. Next week Wednesday we have an appointment to get his actual cast.

What a whirlwind though. Isn’t it crazy when your day that had been so completely planned out, gets totally thrown out the window. We left our house at about 10:45am on Wednesday morning and didn’t get settled back in at home until 6:45pm. So, sorry the blog today is a day late. We took yesterday to see how little man was going to do and couldn’t be happier with his progress.

But even though we spent all day doing something that we didn’t plan. It gave us hours of time to pour into our Declan man. Being with him through one of the moments in his life that he will never forget, moments that we will never forget either. It can be easy to have animosity towards events that throw us off our schedule but it can be just as easy to see in the good in it as well.


Ollie Update:

Just wanted to give a quick Ollie update since a few of you have been asking at the store. He has been doing really well. We are staying on top of his medication twice a day and labs about every other month. Last time we chatted with his doctors in Boston, they said possible surgery every five years. This summer, Ollie celebrated one year post surgery in Boston so we have about three more years before possibly prepping for another trip out there.

He starts Kindergarten this year and he is very excited! Ethan and I are a little nervous just in the aspect that he will have to field all of the questions about his cheek on his own but he has had almost 6 years of practice so ultimately we feel like he will do alright.

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