How it all began…

The beginning of this story dates back to when I met an incredible man who became my husband in 2015. Fascinated by all things that my husband was working on, I took an immediate interest in his business. It consisted of renting multiple spaces in the Grandville, Jenison, Hudsonville area to sell his furniture. When a building space became available, Ethan saw it as a golden opportunity to make the next step in his flourishing business. He put all of his blood, sweat and tears into the place we now call Rustic Corner.

Rustic Corner is located on the south side of Chicago Dr. between 8th and 12th avenues. My husband and I work together to create a cinderella ending to old and broken down furniture. There is nothing more rewarding than taking something broken, seeing the value in it and repurposing it to be something incredible again. This blog is a window into our business and an opportunity to share with everyone what we do and how we do it. Come and check us out weekly as we bring a new piece back to life every week!

Cinderella On!

2 thoughts on “How it all began…

  1. Stephanie Williams September 12, 2017 — 3:24 am

    Good evening, I was wondering if I can get some info on renting some space? Maybe in the near future if something is available?

    Thank you , Stephanie


    1. Hi Stephanie! Sorry for the delay. If you call 616-644-8321 (Store Number) or message us on Facebook I can get you some more detailed information.


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